Tuesday, 24 July 2012

INTRO: Why has a Warehouse???

What is value added warehousing???
...warehouse is very important to holding and storage goods to full fill customer need. Its needed to added value for warehousing.

...FYI..value added warehousing has their own target market from customers. Each warehouse has a different types of products that need to full fill customer requirements. In addition, warehouse also wants to gain a high profit from good that they are stored. For examples, like cadbury chocolate that provide a freegift to attract customer and obtain competitive advantages with other warehouse or competitors.

Please look at below..we're provide a variety types of warehouse that you should take note!!

  • raw material & component warehouse
  • WIP (work-in-process) warehouse
  • finished good warehouse
  • distribution warehouse & centers
  • fulfillment warehouse & centers
  • local warehouse
  • value added service warehouse
Last but not least..this figure can make you guys more understand about common warehouse activities
Maybe 1 day you will involved in this activity..so that you should know the basic about warehouse..

Thank You guys for reading!!..don't forget to get more additional information regarding the next about Warehouse Activity Profiling!

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