Thursday, 26 July 2012


Banyak sangat comment dari orang luar..
- ea aku tak de blog so tak boleh follow blog kan? kan?...
- blog pun aku tak de camne nak follow..
- cerita la aku tak tau nak follow blog...

ok.ok hari ni our instructor terpakse lari tajuk mengajar... terdapat dua option bagi mereka-mereka yang tidak ada blog tetapi ingin mengikuti perkembangan blog ini.

Pertama : follow by JOIN THIS SITE kat friend list tu.. sweet je ia ada small ikon. Ok, then click ikon tersebut and ia akan keluar begini pula..

example : ok then readers(korang la kan) diberi option begini.. so korang click korang nak follow blog ini mengikut email korang yang mana. kalu rajin sign in di gmail. guna shaja google, begitu juga seterusnya...

 Example : bila readers dah click option di atas ia akan keluar begini pula. so key in password email korang.. korang semua sudah menjadi reader yang cool.. ok, selamat mencuba !

nak seribu daya tak mahu seribu dalih , masih ada option kedua untuk mengikuti blog yang secomel lecterur kecil disini. heuw.heuw

next step is .....

 Example : nampak tak tempat follow by email?? hah! memudahkan sangat la belog lecturer kecil ni. ok, you guys just insert/type email korang and tekan submit

type email korang  > submit
ulang suara
type email korang (yahoo/gmail/pape) >tekan submit

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


 Seronok juga jadi lecturer kecil. Last class  our insturtor buat activity dimana semua student yang datang dibahagikan kepada beberapa group, dan mereka membuat pilihan undian bagi tajuk. Belajar berkumpulan dan perbincangan banyak membantu yang lemah. Sesama ahli group membantu rakan-rakan mereka yang lain. Inilah hasilnya.. =) awesome sangat. thanks beloved student..

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

INTRO: Why has a Warehouse???

What is value added warehousing???
...warehouse is very important to holding and storage goods to full fill customer need. Its needed to added value for warehousing.

...FYI..value added warehousing has their own target market from customers. Each warehouse has a different types of products that need to full fill customer requirements. In addition, warehouse also wants to gain a high profit from good that they are stored. For examples, like cadbury chocolate that provide a freegift to attract customer and obtain competitive advantages with other warehouse or competitors.

Please look at below..we're provide a variety types of warehouse that you should take note!!

  • raw material & component warehouse
  • WIP (work-in-process) warehouse
  • finished good warehouse
  • distribution warehouse & centers
  • fulfillment warehouse & centers
  • local warehouse
  • value added service warehouse
Last but not least..this figure can make you guys more understand about common warehouse activities
Maybe 1 day you will involved in this activity..so that you should know the basic about warehouse..

Thank You guys for reading!!..don't forget to get more additional information regarding the next about Warehouse Activity Profiling!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Kelas pertama diadakan.......

Kelas pertama ini diadakan dan dimulakan dengan pengenalan sistem e - LEARNING kami. Instructor yang bertugas juga menyentuh sedikit mengenai bab 1 dan dan bab 2 di dalan subjek Warehouse and Material Handling Technology ini. Thanks and credit to all students yg datang ke kelas kami. kedatangan anda amat dialu-alukan. Kami sedia berkongsi ilmu dan pendapat kepada anda semua.:))

Open file....
Instructor menjalankan tugas......
Tekun dan rajin.....
Perasaan ingin tahu yang mendalam....
Menjalankan proses submission form.....



1. Which is the best statement describe about work-in-process warehouse ?
a. Hold partially completed assemblies and product at various point along an assembly or production line
b. Hold raw material at near the point of induction into a manufacturing or assembly process
c. Receive, pick and ship small orders for individual consumers
d. Hold inventory used to balance and buffer the variation between production schedules and demand

2. Below are functions of warehouse EXCEPT :
a. Putaway
b. Order processing
c. Storage
d. Forklift

3. Unitizing and shipping may include the task :
a. Packaging merchandise in appropriate containers
b. Placing merchandise in storage
c. Process of receiving item from storage to meet demand
d. Merchandised are combined into a single document

4. The planning and design issues for item activity profile will be focus on :
a. Receiving and putaway
b. Order picking
c. Sizing
d. Slotting

5. Unitizing and shipping may include the task :
a. Packaging merchandise in appropriate containers
b. Placing merchandise in storage
c. Process of receiving item from storage to meet demand
d. Merchandised are combined into a single document.


1. Explain value-added warehousing.
2. Explain at least 3(three) common warehousing activities.


For this tutorial the question are revision before final by chapter. (1) is determine the chapter.


1. Serve as the facility where key product customization activities are executed including packaging, labelling, marking, pricing and return processing are the best description about :
a. Value-added service warehouse
b. Local warehouse
c. Finish good warehouse
d. Work-in-process warehouse

2. Below are the common warehouse activities EXCEPT :
a. Storage
b. Order picking
c. Putaway
d. Transporting

3. Unitizing and shipping may include the following task :
I  checking order for completeness
II accumulating orders by outbound carrier
III loading trucks
IV sortation
a. I and II
b. II and III
c. I, II and III
d. I,II,III and IV

4. What would be the role for fulfillment warehouses and fulfillment centres ?
a. Hold raw materials at or near point of induction
b. Accumulate and consolidate products from various points
c. Receive, pick and ship small orders for individual consumers
d. Distributed in the field in order to shorten the transportation

5. The human work element involved in order picking may include the following except :
a. Travelling
b. Sorting
c. Packing
d. Transporting

1. Briefly explain cross-docking in the warehouse. (2m)
2. Describe four (4) types of putaway practices (8m)

Submit your answer at submission form =) thank you

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Warehouse role in industry

       On this day, we have e-commerce, supply chain integration, efficient consumer response, quick response, and just-in time delivery. It is not mean warehouse will be completely eliminated because the supply chain will connect manufacturing with end users.

      The flexibility is the key to success in warehouse and we can increase the flexibility of warehouse operations we through process design, system selection and justification, and layout configuration. The three elements are important to make sure the operation smooth. With the information technology now day it can help in planning the good operation.
  • Raw materials and components from suppliers
  • Work in progress or part finished goods made within the business
  • Finished good ready to dispatch to customers
  • Consumables and materials used by service business

   With has warehouse can help firm to managing their stock effectively that important for any business, because without enough stock, production and sales will grind to a halt. stock control involves careful planning to ensure that the business has sufficient stock of the right quality available at the right time. it is depend on supply and demand from customer or consumer.

  Stock can mean different things and depends on the industry of the firm operates in.it includes:

   In order to meet customer orders, product has to be available from stock, although some firms are able to arrange deliveries Just in Time. If a business does not have the necessary stock to meet order, this can lead to a loss of sales and damaged business reputation. This is we called a 'stock-out'.

   It is important therefore that a business either holds sufficient stock to meet actual and anticipated orders, or can get stocks quickly enough to meet those orders. For a high street retailer, in practice this means having product on the shelves.

You can see the figures bellow, how the inventory stock will store in storage area,

system racking

bottom line

build the raking system

special handling inventory

I hope now you know what is warehouse...thanks for reading :)

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Monday, 16 July 2012

Vocabulary : Chapter 1

- Assemble : together for a common purpose / fit together the parts or piece
- Assortment : act of assorting; separation into classes / collection or group of various things

- Bulk :  Size, mass, or volume, especially when very large /ship's cargo.

- Consumer : One that consumes, especially one that acquires goods or services for direct use or ownership rather than for resale or use in production and manufacturing /a person who acquires goods and services for his or her own personal needs
- Customer : One that buys goods or services/person who buys
- Consolidate : unite into one system or whole; combine / unite into one
- Convenient : suitable; not causing trouble or difficulty
- Containerized : package (cargo) in large standardized containers for efficient shipping and handling / dapt (an industry or shipping operation) to the use of such containers

- Distribution centre and/or  distribution warehouse :  a set of products is a warehouse or other specialized building, often with refrigeration or air conditioning, which is stocked with products (goods) to be redistributed to retailers, to wholesalers, or directly to consumers

- Eliminated : remove from consideration by defeating /reject

- Just-in-time : strategy for inventory management in which raw materials and components are delivered from the vendor or supplier immediately before they are needed in the manufacturing process.

- Loading : Waiting to grant an employee stock option until just before good news about the company reaches the market.

- Material handling : Material handling equipment is all equipment that relates to the movement, storage, control and protection of materials, goods and products throughout the process of manufacturing, distribution, consumption and disposal

- Order Picking : order preparation operation is one of a logistic warehouse's process. It consists in taking and collecting articles in a specified quantity before shipment to satisfy customers orders. It is a basic warehousing process and has an important influence on supply chain's productivity
- Order Fulfillment : the complete process from point of sales inquiry to delivery of a product to the customer / act of distribution or the logistics function
- Order processing : the process or the work flow associated with the picking, packing and delivery of the packed item(s) to a shipping carrier

- Product : The end result of the manufacturing process, to be offered to the marketplace to satisfy a need or want.
- Production line : system of making a product, where each item such as a car moves slowly through the factory with new sections added to it as it goes along
- Pallet : sometimes called a skid, is a flat transport structure that supports goods in a stable fashion while being lifted by a forkliftpallet jackfront loader or other jacking device
- Putaway :The activities related to the receipt of material, determination of its storage or other destination, movement to that location and the stocking and physical arrangement as required.
- Prepackaging :  manufacturer's packaging and pricing of products before delivery to the retail store

- Quick response : A retail industry strategy using business rules and technologies that shortens cycle time from suppliers to vendors in response to retail customers' demands.

- Raw material : Goods that are unfinished that are used to produce goods that are finished /the materials bought by a manufacturing business in order to manufacture its products.
- Replenishment : filling again by supplying what has been used up/new supply of something/ purchase of additional items following initial purchase, whether bought for support of additional end items, routine restockage, or other purposes.

- Unitizing : Package (cargo) into unit loads

- Value-added : The amount by which the value of an article is increased at each stage of its production, exclusive of initial costs

- Warehouse : is a commercial building for storage of goods