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For this tutorial the question are revision before final by chapter. (1) is determine the chapter.


1. Serve as the facility where key product customization activities are executed including packaging, labelling, marking, pricing and return processing are the best description about :
a. Value-added service warehouse
b. Local warehouse
c. Finish good warehouse
d. Work-in-process warehouse

2. Below are the common warehouse activities EXCEPT :
a. Storage
b. Order picking
c. Putaway
d. Transporting

3. Unitizing and shipping may include the following task :
I  checking order for completeness
II accumulating orders by outbound carrier
III loading trucks
IV sortation
a. I and II
b. II and III
c. I, II and III
d. I,II,III and IV

4. What would be the role for fulfillment warehouses and fulfillment centres ?
a. Hold raw materials at or near point of induction
b. Accumulate and consolidate products from various points
c. Receive, pick and ship small orders for individual consumers
d. Distributed in the field in order to shorten the transportation

5. The human work element involved in order picking may include the following except :
a. Travelling
b. Sorting
c. Packing
d. Transporting

1. Briefly explain cross-docking in the warehouse. (2m)
2. Describe four (4) types of putaway practices (8m)

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