Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Warehouse role in industry

       On this day, we have e-commerce, supply chain integration, efficient consumer response, quick response, and just-in time delivery. It is not mean warehouse will be completely eliminated because the supply chain will connect manufacturing with end users.

      The flexibility is the key to success in warehouse and we can increase the flexibility of warehouse operations we through process design, system selection and justification, and layout configuration. The three elements are important to make sure the operation smooth. With the information technology now day it can help in planning the good operation.
  • Raw materials and components from suppliers
  • Work in progress or part finished goods made within the business
  • Finished good ready to dispatch to customers
  • Consumables and materials used by service business

   With has warehouse can help firm to managing their stock effectively that important for any business, because without enough stock, production and sales will grind to a halt. stock control involves careful planning to ensure that the business has sufficient stock of the right quality available at the right time. it is depend on supply and demand from customer or consumer.

  Stock can mean different things and depends on the industry of the firm operates in.it includes:

   In order to meet customer orders, product has to be available from stock, although some firms are able to arrange deliveries Just in Time. If a business does not have the necessary stock to meet order, this can lead to a loss of sales and damaged business reputation. This is we called a 'stock-out'.

   It is important therefore that a business either holds sufficient stock to meet actual and anticipated orders, or can get stocks quickly enough to meet those orders. For a high street retailer, in practice this means having product on the shelves.

You can see the figures bellow, how the inventory stock will store in storage area,

system racking

bottom line

build the raking system

special handling inventory

I hope now you know what is warehouse...thanks for reading :)

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